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ARTIST OF THE WEEK - Exeter House SEN School

by Exeter House SEN School
1 March 2021
Exeter House AOTW



We are proud to feature a range of artists and friends through this series of Wiltshire Creative Connects films we created during the Spring of 2020.

Shining a Spotlight on our Local Artists

This week we are delighted to premiere the performance of EVERYDAY DREAMS (DREAMING IN ENGLAND), which was created and performed by Students from Exeter House SEN School in March 2020. 



The full film was premiered on Tuesday 28 July 2020 and was available to watch for 7 days

View the trailer below.

Dave Orme, Associate Director Wiltshire Creative:

‘This piece was devised by the young people and focuses on what their dreams and hopes are. In the play they fall asleep after a hard day at school and in their dreams they act out their aspirations, from acting in a panto, to becoming a police officer to winning the lottery and also becoming a pirate. There are also a couple of poems in the piece which the young people wrote themselves as well as some movement routines they choreographed themselves. To create the piece I worked with them in weekly sessions taking place at the school; we then had a full week in the Salberg Studio in March 2020 to create the piece with David Lewington, composer and John Cox, lighting designer.’


Josh Hamblin, teacher at Exeter House SEN School:

‘Year after year Wiltshire Creative provide wonderful opportunities for the students of Exeter House School and this was another special performance. The students, who have significant and complex learning difficulties, worked very hard to write their own show and we are immensely proud of them. It was a lot of fun and great to see all their individual characters shine through!’


David Lewington, Composer

‘I was tasked with creating a score to action that Exeter House students had devised with director Dave Orme. It was such a fun project since the students were at the heart of all creative decisions, which meant for some playful and inventive sound and music!

The chiefest joy was watching them grow with the sound when I introduced it to them; what they had created with me blending with what they had created with Dave. It was a pleasure to see them and join them in tackling some powerful and thought-provoking elements to their own lives, as well as many lighter moments!


Bec Reid, All The Queens Men (audience member)

‘Exeter House's show was bursting with generosity and joyous honesty.  As a visitor to Salisbury, it reminded me just how closely connected we all are by the very act of being human.  The experience beautifully shared realities both perceived and real; bringing us all that much closer through sharing the dark and the light.’