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Salisbury 2020 Big Weekend
1 March 2021 A pre-recorded panel discussion
Makers' Tale new



We are proud to feature a range of artists and friends through this series of Wiltshire Creative Connects films we created during the Spring of 2020.

A pre-recorded panel discussion and online catalogue

Makers’ Tale examines craft and making as a highly relevant component of contemporary life. 

Join Curators Mirka Golden-Hann and Loucia Manopoulou, as they speak to some of the key artists involved in the exhibition about their work, their processes and their inspiration. 

This exhibition will concentrate on presenting new insights into the particular craft methods which are deeply rooted in a historical context yet connected to today. It will present them as the conveyors of new ideas, as the conductors of disciplinary crossovers, and will highlight the persistence of craft knowledge within the context of modern creative industries.

Makers’ Tale is co-curated with Loucia Manopoulou. The exhibition is a result of a co-operation between Wiltshire Creative and the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, in association with Salisbury Cathedral.


Click on the film below to watch Curators Mirka Golden-Hann and Loucia Manopoulou in conversation with the artists Hermione Thomson, Peta Jacobs, Manuela Kagerbauer, Michelle Shields and Cara Wassenberg, composer Dr Harry Whalley and Salisbury Cathedral representative Canon Robert Titley.


  View the Makers' Tale Catalogue 

Makers Tale



Plangency. work-in-progress.  Cellist Anna Menzies brings Dr Harry Whalley's and Aimee-Sofia Brown's intriguing new composition to life. 
Click to listen a short extract from a first recording of Plangency.

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