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Makers’ Tale 2021

A Wiltshire Creative Exhibition at Salisbury Arts Centre
14 September - 30 October 2021 Salisbury Arts Centre
Image © Peta Jacobs


14 September – 30 October 2021

Makers’ Tale 2021

Makers’ Tale exhibition examines craft and making as a highly relevant component of contemporary life. 

This exhibition concentrates on presenting new insights into particular craft methods which are deeply rooted in a historical context yet connected to today. It presents them as the conveyors of new ideas, as the conductors of disciplinary crossovers, and will highlight the persistence of craft knowledge within the context of modern creative industries.

The exhibition artists are Hermione Thomson (textiles), Peta Jacobs (textiles), Manuela Kagerbauer (metal), Michelle Shields (ceramics) and Cara Wassenberg (glass and metal) and composer Dr Harry Whalley together with composer Akira Sileas and Cellist Anna Menzies. The exhibition further includes the work by recent UCA graduates Charlotte Bull, Wendy Irving, Lizzie Lovell, Katie Sims, Eleanor Cocking and Jamie Dunlop Valentine created in response to behind the scenes visit to Salisbury Cathedral in January 2020.

Makers’ Tale is co-curated with Loucia Manopoulou PHD candidate UCA Farnham. The exhibition is a result of cooperation between Wiltshire Creative and The University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, in association with Salisbury Cathedral.

Image © Peta Jacobs


Loucia Manopoulou & Mirka Golden-Hann - 'Old Stories, New Narratives' symposium, 28/09/2021 from Applied Arts Scotland on Vimeo.


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Wednesday 20 October, 6.45pm - 9pm

Audio Research Cluster - ‘Sounds in Spaces’ – Dr James Armstrong 

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Monday 27 - Thursday 30 September

Old Stories, New Narratives Symposium

a strand of Identity, Collaboration, Sustainability: an online, international festival of craft 

As part of Old Stories, New Narratives Symposium, the exhibition curators Loucia Manopoulou and Mirka Golden-Hann are presenting a paper about Makers’ Tale exhibition on Tuesday 28th.