News Story

Hi, I’m Charlie, a young person in Salisbury, who is taking part in the Stage 65 production- 'Ghosts and Grimm Tales'

Being involved in this play is extremely fun, as it gives unique opportunities to people like me, and a voice to young people. My favourite part of this experience is that it’s not all about “acting” and instead about taking part and being involved!

Stage 65 has given us the ability to choose our roles, like: tech crew, costume, or (of course) acting. I am taking part in costume, and so far, it has been such a surreal experience, being able to see, and take part in the costumes you see on stage. It's exposed me to a side of the theatre that I hadn't seen before, but have fallen in love with. I have learnt so much already, and I’m so excited to see our costumes in the show!

Ghosts and Grimm Tales is coming to Salisbury Arts Centre from the 25th June - 27 June 2024.