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Wiltshire Creative’s ambitious version of Shakespeare's The Tempest in Churchill Gardens has been taking place from May 24th - June 4th 2023, and features a large community cast of over 150 local children and adults. Community groups and schools have also been involved by creating magical plants and creatures to adorn the park. We wanted to spread the magic across the city and invited local businesses to get involved by hosting a display made by a community group or creating their own display between May 13th and June 4th 2023.

The displays feature the magical creatures and plants that you may find on the island in The Tempest, and are all made from recycled and repurposed materials. These designs have been inspired by The Tempest Designer- Dan Potra and link to the designs of the communities work within the production.

Wiltshire Creative always looks for opportunities to support and collaborate with local businesses.

Thank you to everyone who has joined in and got creative as part of our Tempest inspired Window Display project. This celebrates transforming recycled materials and scrap into fantastically flora and fauna to spread some visual magic across the city.

Community Display Groups:

Mind The Gap
Exeter House Vocational Centre
Elizabeth House
Steve Biddle Alms House
Salisbury City Council Groups
Salisbury Museum May Fayre
The Tempest Community and Young Company Cast Members