News Story

Hi there! We are Jay and Roux from Salisbury Sixth Form College and we’re helping out with the Take Part Program documenting the Wiltshire Creative Digital Archives. We are currently making our way through past Stage 65 productions ranging all the way back to the 1960’s to the present day. We’ve especially enjoyed looking at the past photos and newspaper clippings from the shows and watching as the costumes and the productions change as the years go on. We can’t wait to showcase what we have been looking through in preparation for the 60th Anniversary coming up in 2025.

Our favourite parts:

Jay - “My favourite part of this process has been seeing all the props and costumes changing over time and seeing the influence of the decades affecting the stage and productions.”

Roux - “For me it was the progression in the photography and images taken going through the decades. I have especially found the different plays interesting as many of these plays are beloved classics I have grown up with.”

We can’t wait to hear from you, the past alumni's of Stage 65 and the youth theatre. We would love for you to reach out and hear what you are up to now. Let us know if there are any past memories and photos of the plays you were in that you would like to see/share with us here at Wiltshire Creative.

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