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Young musicians from Salisbury have had the chance to write and record their own songs this summer, as part of Wiltshire Creative’s production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Residents from the Friary had the exciting opportunity to work with rap artist Isaiah Dreads writing, performing and recording their own music including a track titled Sunny Day, celebrating the place they live. Isaiah enjoyed the opportunity to be part of this special project:

‘I loved being a part of this project. It was great to see what everyone got out of it and to see them try new things. I also love how rap was able to link into the festival in Salisbury and a Shakespeare play.’

The Friary estate adjoins Churchill Gardens where Wiltshire Creative staged a large-scale outdoor production of The Tempest. Since autumn 2022 artists have been working with local residents to involve them in all aspects of the show from performing, stewarding, graffitiing set and creating art. Churchill Gardens is their back garden, a place they socialise, skate and walk the dog.

The MC project was the idea of local resident and Community Associate Aidan Lewis. A keen MC he and his peers wanted to create some music to include in the production and is already working with Wiltshire Creative on plans for further MC workshops.

‘I loved the process and involvement I was able to have, giving young people the opportunity to further themselves creatively. It was an absolutely brilliant project!’

The finished track Sunny Day was played as audiences entered the performance and can be downloaded via Soundcloud at

Find out more about Isaiah Dreads at Isaiah Dreads (

Pictured above: Josh Kerley, Dan Kerley, artist Isaiah Dreads and Aidan Lewis.