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Ghosts and Grimm Tales is a haunting Youth production of well-known fairytales. But this is no ordinary production; both cast and crew are working incredibly hard to delve into the story behind the stories, revealing hidden twists and unseen links between seemingly unrelated, unexplainable activity.

The production takes place at the Salisbury Arts Centre, the perfect eerie backdrop for an evening of spooks and thrills. The Arts Centre is a deconsecrated church built next to a 14th century plague pit, and to this day remains a hub for the paranormal and the otherworldly beings of Salisbury.

So prepare to shiver with suspense, jump with fright and discover the spine-tingling tale of the mysterious Grey Lady, the cruel mistress of disguise who tortures those who wander so willingly into her lair…

The production is almost entirely led by Stage 65 Youth Theatre, with cast and crew ranging from 10 to 21. The group use a beautiful combination of physical theatre and narration to enfold the audience into a world of dark, misty forests that seem to creep ever closer, and greedy wolves that take their prey. The magical moment and enchanting words come together to build a performance that reveals the tragic story behind the fairytales we have come to know and love.

Carla, Group 5, believes the show is developing smoothly, and it’s been enchanting to watch the talent and hard work come together in a truly ethereal experience. Each actor and technician bring a unique twist to the show, embellishing with different interpretations and meanings behind the plot.

Overall, Ghosts and Grimm Tales is an enchanting, must-see production that will leave you glancing in every direction for that shadow over your shoulder just out of sight. Once it’s got you, you’ll never escape…