About Dance SIX-0 Open Classes: Autumn 2024, Term 2

Join the friendly and fun weekly open classes on Wednesdays which attract people approaching 60 and over, with diverse levels of movement. Sessions encourage dancers to embrace the joy of life through dance and movement. 

Open Classes, led by Debbie Lee-Anthony, are lively, friendly sessions in which dancers can work at their own pace and to their individual abilities. The class includes a combination of taught dance exercises, dynamic phrases, and improvisation all accompanied by an eclectic range of music from different traditions. No previous dance experience is required. The classes provide a platform for possible selection into the Company, which is the DANCE SIX-0 performance group. 

NEW for Autumn 2024

Newcomers class, 1.30-2.30pm. If you are joining an Open Class for the first time, this session is recommended for you.

Please contact Debbie debdance60@gmail.com if you have any queries about joining the Open Classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of dance is it?

Open Class, led by Debbie, is contemporary dance based, free-flowing movement to music, set to a broad range of songs and music from across the decades.

What happens in a class?

Debbie’s fun, lively class starts with an upbeat song as a pulse raiser, where participants are encouraged to move at their own pace and in their own style. A taught warm up follows, set to eclectic songs and music drawn from different genres - Bob Marley meets Bach! Each dance exercise or dynamic movement sequence taught by Debbie includes elements of ‘free-style’, to encourage freedom of movement. The emphasis is on the joy of dance and individual expression.

What do I need to wear?

Loose, comfortable clothing and generally bare feet or yoga type socks, with sticky soles.

Do I need to have had dance experience?

No, classes are adaptable for any level. Our main aim is to work inclusively of all abilities and provide exercise and enjoyment for all.

Do I need to be really fit/ flexible?

No, classes will accommodate all levels, although you will likely get fitter and more flexible the longer you attend class!

Who else goes to the class?

All different sorts of people, with all sorts of backgrounds, all aged 60 plus.

What age are class members?

Class members ages range from 60 to mid 80’s.

Can I have a taster class?

New participants are always welcome to come and watch a class and to join in and have a free taster session, if space is available.

Can I pay per class rather than for the whole term?

No, classes must be booked in advance through Wiltshire Creative for each half term. We have to be able to manage capacity & finances for the classes & this is impossible to do with varying levels of attendees. In order to continue providing the class & the excellent class teacher, we need spaces to be booked in advance. New dancers joining midway through a block only pay for the classes attended. In exceptional circumstances, such as a serious illness, we will consider a refund if you have to miss classes.

Who is the class teacher and what experience do they have?

Debbie Lee Anthony is the class teacher. Also well into her 60’s, Debbie has over 40 years experience as a teacher, performer and choreographer.

Who runs Dance Six-0?

Debbie Lee Anthony leads the Open Classes, Rosalind Conlon leads the Company and Liz, Julia, Andrew and Mo run the Management Committee and are also members of Company or Open Class.

Can I join the Company?

Dance Six-0 Company regularly auditions for new members. We look for dancers who love performing, are keen to improve their skills and can commit to the rehearsal and performance schedule.

Dates & times