Stand-up Comedy for Beginners (Autumn 2020)

Ages 18+
21 November 2020 Salisbury Arts Centre, White Room Studio
Barnstormers Comedy Generic


Saturday 21 November at 1.30pm - 5.30pm


Always fancied trying your hand at stand-up comedy but never got around to it? Ever watched stand-up comedy and thought 'I'd love to give that a go'? Or maybe, you're thinking - quite rightly - stand-up would be a great way to boost the presentation skills, and improve the business of public speaking? Well now’s your chance to give it a go…

This workshop is designed in such a way as to introduce the participant to the business of writing and performing stand -up comedy. In so doing, they will learn about and understand methods and techniques that will help them to generate self-authored comedy material; combined with the ability to deliver the material in the form of a stand-up comedy performance.

Presented by Kevin Precious, a former teacher turned stand-up comedian… Kevin has performed at many of the top clubs in the country, as well as performing solo shows at a number of national comedy festivals including two full runs at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival. Added to which, he also organises – and occasionally comperes – comedy evenings at the Salisbury Arts Centre, under the Barnstormers Comedy banner.

Booking Details

£30 per person

Tickets and times

  • Saturday 21st November