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Safely Pottering Away – with Tim Thornton

with Tim Thornton Adult Workshop
26 February 2022 Pottery Studio, Salisbury Arts Centre
Safely Pottering Away – with Tim Thornton


Saturday 26 February 2022 at 9.30am - 4.30pm

Safely Pottering Away – with Tim Thornton

How to set up a safe and healthy pottery studio at home

In this workshop you will learn about how to set up and run your home pottery studio in a safe and healthy manner.

The course is led by Tim Thornton. Tim is a potter with a specialist interest in knowledge of materials and he uses his background in science and engineering to research the more technical aspects of ceramics. He has been involved in health and safety practice in his previous career, and will be sharing with participants his practical knowledge and its application to a safe studio practice. In the past couple of years, this course has been delivered online, and is now being brought to you in face to face presentation.

The course will take you through many elements of ceramics practice, from clay management and treatment pf other raw materials, through to making and firing work to final packaging. It will also cover workshop layout and waste disposal.

The day will include theoretical talks and discussions, as well as an assessment of the pottery studio in the Arts Centre.


Further Information Topics will include:

-What do we mean by risks and hazards in the studio and how to identify and deal with them?

-Understanding the basics of how substances may enter into and be expelled from the body. What are chronic and acute exposure levels? -Identifying any potentially harmful substances in the studio, using the (M)SDS and other information sources, and keeping things safe.

-Understanding the risks of dust (including silica and other materials); how to minimise the creation of dust; and how to manage it safely, including cleaning procedures

-Deciding on the right clothing and PPE for different activities, and how to use the PPE correctly

-Looking after your body when lifting, wedging, throwing and other activities, and setting things up so your body is in the best position.

-Safe installation and operation of an electric kiln, and other firing methods.

-Safe use of machinery that may be used in the studio – wheels, extruders, slab rollers, pug mills, angle grinders etc

-Safe and responsible disposal of waste materials, sediment traps etc.

-Laying out your studio to make working easy and stress free

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  • Saturday 26th February