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Lily and the Albatross

A Tall Tree Theatre production
26 October 2018 Bemerton heath Centre


In a small coastal village where life revolves around the sea there lives a girl who walks to a different rhythm. While the whims of the water control the daily routines of the community, Lily has a different perspective and finds herself gazing into the sky, where birds swim weightlessly above her head before stealing the precious fish from the fishing nets. 

Lily longs for more; more freedom, more excitement and more time out at sea but tradition and expectation holds these dreams just out of reach. Then one day a very special bird flies in from across the water, one which has travelled an inconceivable distance, one that makes Lily question everything and gives her the nudge she needed to truly stretch her wings. 

A tale of wild weather, wild birds and wild ambitions. 

Booking Details

Tickets £5
Age guidance 5+

FREE drop-in craft session between shows!

Bemerton Heath residents can purchase tickets at £2 (family tickets at £6 for 4 people, with extra tickets at £1 each).  To take up this special offer, please contact: bhc@salisburycitycouncil.gov.uk 

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