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A Bird in the Hand Theatre production Ages 5+
18 February 2020 The Salberg, Salisbury Playhouse

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A Bird in the Hand Theatre production


In the hours when most people are tucked up, sound asleep in their beds, Midnight the cat rules the roost. She explores the rooftops and alleyways of her town, encountering all the other creatures that are awake in the night. In the still, quiet moments between one day finishing and the next one beginning, she has the ability to see and to understand all the dreams of the people sleeping in their beds below. But when a wild wind blows through the town, strange things begin to happen.

Midnight is a dream-like show about time, the night and dreaming, combining beautiful puppetry, music and storytelling. And about clever cats and really silly dogs.

Written, made and directed by Alison Duddle, performed by Mark Whitaker, music by Chris Davies

Ideal for ages 5+

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Tickets £9

Running Time 45 mins

Members 10% discount

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