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The Alphabet Business Convention

13 July 2019 Salisbury Arts Centre


Saturday 13 July, 4.30pm - 11.30pm
and Sunday 14 July, 12noon - 5.30pm


The Alphabet Business Convention is a musical extravaganza to celebrate the legendary cult musician, composer and producer, Tim Smith. Formed in the late seventies, his band, Cardiacs, were a thrilling combination of punk rock and psychedelic pop that defied common sense and all laws. It will be a gathering of affectionate friends, fans and members of Cardiacs performing music that forces you to rethink everything you thought you knew and relied upon.  

This time round, the Alphabet Business Convention is a two-day event!

Saturday night is rock night and the evening will be headlined by GONG. Fronted now by Cardiacs’ guitarist, Kavus Torabi, they will perform classics from the Daevid Allen years and songs from their new album, ‘The Universe Also Collapses’. Before that, Spratleys Japs, Lost Crowns, The Display Team, Blue Apple Boy and  Vonhorn will reset your ears for hearing everything properly again, just like when you were a child. The evening will finish in a frenzy with The Gasman spinning discs until midnight. But it doesn’t end there!

Sunday will be a quieter daytime affair featuring music from Crayola Lectern, VÄLVĒ and Emily Jones. These notable pearls will be interspersed with interviews featuring band members past and present.  It promises to be the biggest celebration yet of the enduring legacy of Cardiacs and their extended family. All profits go towards the continuing care of Tim Smith who suffered a debilitating cardiac arrest in 2008.


£35.00 for a weekend ticket no day tickets available.

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