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Treasure Hunt

Wiltshire Creative Presents Fun for all the Family
12 June 2022 Salisbury City Centre
 Treasure Hunt

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Sunday 12 June 2022 11am - 4pm 

Treasure Hunt

Ahoy there, seafaring folk! 

Get your hands on the ancient map and follow it to discover four exciting island locations around Salisbury.  

Each island is bursting with fun things to see and do. There are exciting, daring and adventurous shows, pirates to meet and loads of activities to get stuck into! Collect stamps as you go around to complete your map. 

Finish your journey at Salisbury Arts Centre where you can show your completed map, collect your treasure and have a blast in our pirate play area. There’s plenty of grog for the older pirates who need a rest, too… 

You can collect your map from Salisbury Arts Centre or from any of the island locations on the day.

Treasure Map



Don’t forget to collect your explorer’s stamp at each location. 


TREASURE HUNT | PORT   Port at Queen Elizabeth Gardens | 11am-4pm 

Collect your map and start exploring. It’s time to prepare for an epic adventure. 


Pirate Taxi with Pirates of the Carabina | 11.30am & 2pm 

Original live music, humour, a mechanically ingenious set, and an extraordinary aerial performance all taking place in, on and around an old-school London Taxi 


Drop into any of these activities between 11am-4pm!

Salisbury Museum 

Chat to the Museum team and take a close look at artefacts found in Salisbury’s rivers, discovered during filming with the Smithsonian TV Channel. 

Becoming a Pirate with Vicky Bilton 

Make yourself a hat, telescope and eye patch. You’ll be looking the part in no time!  

Pirate Games with Stage 65 Youth Theatre 

Join our pirate play experts! They know loads of fun games that will test your pirate skills and knowledge. 

Pirate Ship Building with Alison Armstrong 

Design and build your own pirate ship using scrap materials. Then take it to the river and test if it’s seaworthy! 


TREASURE HUNT | THE MALTINGS Underwater World at The Maltings | 11am-4pm 

Join us underwater where there’s much to be discovered. Did you know that jellyfish love a disco?  


Sea Sphere with The Show Globe  | 12pm, 1.45pm & 3.30pm 

Meet a curious, mesmerising mermaid who comes complete with dancing seaweed and other creatures of the deep. 

The Jellyfish Jive with Tip of the Pops  | 11am, 12.45pm & 2.30pm 

Get your wriggle on with our underwater, solar powered, eco disco. 

Drop into any of these activities between 11am-4pm! 

Colourful Fish Kites with ArtCare 

Using paper and colourful pens, you’ll be shown how to make an easy and beautiful exotic fish kite.  

Wessex River Trust 

Ever wondered what lies beneath the surface of the River Avon that flows through our city? Come and see for yourself! 

Jellyfish Parade with Stage 65 Youth Theatre 

A beautiful shoal of jellyfish, floating through the sky have been created by Exeter House and will be joining in with the Jellyfish Jive. 


TREASURE HUNT | GREENCROFT   Sailing the Calm Seas at Greencroft | 11am-4pm 

We’re on the open waters and there’s not a cloud in the sky. Nothing to do but relax! 

Harriet Mackenzie | 12.50pm & 2.30pm 

Sail off on Harriet’s mesmerising music. On violin, she’ll be calling to the mermaids and guiding your way across the ocean.  

Louise Jordan | 12pm, 1.45pm & 3.15pm 

A long lost sculpture, found at the bottom of the sea will be playing her nautical, haunting and jaunty songs for all who discover her. 


Drop into any of these activities between 11am-4pm! 

Life Boat with ICD 

Climb aboard the Life Boat and get your bearings while rocking gently and looking at the world from an ever-changing point of view. 

Origami Boats with Lisa Moro 

You’ll be guided through the relaxing process of folding beautiful paper boats. Then you can test them out! 

Wessex Archaeology  

Get hands on with marine archaeology and discover the exciting artefacts that lie beneath the sea. 


 TREASURE HUNT | SALISBURY ARTS CENTRE Treasure Island! at Salisbury Arts Centre | 11am-4pm 

You’ve made it. You followed the map to X marks the spot. Get some grog and celebrate!  


Catch That Beast! with Bucket Club Theatre | 12pm & 2.30pm 

The Royal Society of Beastologists are holding their annual meeting hoping to track down the Terrible Beast of Treasure Island - perhaps you could help? 

Flash Mob Pirates with Panthera Dance Company  | 11am, 11.45am & 2pm. 

Everyone knows that pirates love to party! A talented crew will be popping up with music, fun and a whole lot of dance skills. 

The Navy Larks | 1.15pm & 3.30pm 

Prepare to be entertained by this group of stout - hearted men, united by their love of sea shanties and traditional music. 


Drop into any of these activities between 11am-4pm! 

Collect your Treasure with Pirate Bess Flint 

Meet a real pirate and show her your completed map to collect your share of the treasure. 

Rice Treasure Hunts with Salisbury Foodbank 

Ready, set, go! And find that treasure. Join Salisbury Foodbank for fun activities and chat about the wonderful work they do within our community.  

Treasure Island Mural with Francesca Mclean 

Add your creativity to our big Treasure Hunt mural. Your artwork will be displayed for the rest of the festival. 

Desert Island Sandpit 

Perfect for the littlest Pirates in your family to have fun digging, playing and building sandcastles.