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Sergio & Sergei

25 May 2019 In the White Room at Salisbury Arts Centre


Saturday 25 May at 8pm


Loosely based on a true story, this warm-hearted political satire follows the unlikely friendship that forms between Sergei, a stranded cosmonaut, and Sergio, a Marxist philosophy professor in Cuba. It's 1991, and as the Soviet Union collapses, both men feel abandoned - one on an island dependent on the financial support of the USSR, the other trapped on the Mir Space Station which has now lost its funding. Both are keen amateur radio enthusiasts, and when they meet over the airwaves, Sergio makes it his mission to bring Sergei home - even if it requires the intervention of the US government to do so.

2017 | Cert 12A | Spanish/English/Russian with subtitles

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Tickets £9

Running time 1 hour 47 minutes

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