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FILM: South West Shorts Screening

20 February 2019 Salisbury Arts Centre

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Wednesday 20 February at 8pm
Salisbury Arts Centre

An Evening of shorts by Barney Norris, Matty Crawford, Sonia Wargacha, Jesse Lawrence, Rebecca Hurwitz and Liz Lister. With an opportunity to meet with the film makers.



(Preview) by Simon Da Vision
Lewis Carroll’s follow up to the Alice in Wonderland books – The Hunting of the Snark is a surreal quest for an elusive beast. A brilliant wonderland mix of nonsense, twisted logic and surreal adventure it also has at its core a powerful and emotional quest - the human search for meaning and happiness. What is the Snark the crew so badly want to find?
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by Rebecca Hurwitz and Liz Lister
A stop motion animation about Mrs Somerville, the Queen of Nineteenth Century Science, is writing another book and this time it's about science Nobel Prize winners. A lot of information comes her way, and not all of it seems relevant. But when some of that unwanted information starts to reveal another story, Mary takes decisive action. 



by Matty Crawford
A little girl is told to man up.
In a major moment in her life, Addy experiences the death of a family pet, only for her grievance to be met by an unsympathetic father.
Cast: Angel Agala & Charles Eddem

Winner of Sundance Ignite 2018
Winner of BFI Future Film Festival 2017 - New Talent Award
Winner of Four River Film Festival 2017 - Best Actress
London Short Film Festival 2017 - (BAFTA Qualifying)
Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2017 - (BAFTA Qualifying)



by Matty Crawford
A little boy’s imagination runs rampant, as crayon drawings combine with his bleak surroundings.
Filmmaker Matty Crawford is a recent graduate from the University of Gloucestershire, who recently won the 'New Talent Award' at this years BFI Future Film Festival.



by Jesse Lawrence
Eleven-year-old Will is playing in the forest when he finds the body of a young man who has taken his own life. Will wonders how anyone could dothat? And what happens to you when you die? Will is told the man had no one to turn to; and that we live on in the memories of those who loved us. But if you have no one ‘to turn to’, in whose memory are you kept alive?  Will decides maybe there is one last thing he can do for the man ... But will he be heard?



by Sonia Wargacha



by Barney Norris

Three friends are walking in the bucolic English countryside; they’re looking for something. It’s been seen by six people – but they can’t find it. Then they spot it – and events take a darker turn. 


Age guidance 16+

Tickets: £8

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Age guidance: 16+

Tickets £8

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  • Wednesday 20th February