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Double Bill at Salisbury Playhouse

Run Like Stags and Scratchworks
2 March 2019 Salisbury Playhouse The Salberg


Saturday 2 March from 6.30pm

Catch two new shows from brilliant South West ensembles Run Like Stags and Scratchworks. Two playful retellings of forgotten pieces of British feminist history;  Victorian Britain through a millennial lens and the first female resistance in Ancient Rome.


by Run Like Stags

It’s 1859. Penny-farthings are everything. Big Ben is ringing out with British pride for the very first time and housewife Mary Ann is the new ‘Son’ of God…

Mary Ann Girling isn’t your everyday Victorian lady, she’s a booze-hocking, hat-making sinner… that is, until a fabulous man in an impressive pair of wings makes an appearance at the pub… a man by the name of… GOD!

Join Run Like Stags to explore a forgotten piece of British feminist history – the tale of a working-class lass with a ‘winning voice’ and holy management, whose quest to save society from the oncoming apocalypse led to all sorts of cult-y business…

View Victorian Britain through a millennial lens and follow ‘Mother’ Mary’s journey from Ipswich underdog to game-changing punk hero. This rebellious semi-musical begs the big questions: What is the price of martyrdom? Can feminism and religion ever go hand in hand? … Is it really OK to wear a hat indoors?

Girl(ing) is the product of a year-long residency spent by Run Like Stags at the Theatre Royal Plymouth as their 2017/18 Lab Company. They continue to be supported by the theatre.


WOMANS (like Romans but with a ‘W’)

What will one woman do to go down in history?

It's 46BC, Ancient Rome.  Our hero, Leta has been declared a traitor by the Roman Senate.  She is given a punishment worse than death “Damnatio Memoriae” – to be erased from history.  Whilst noble Gladiators and infamous Emperors around her are becoming legends, her name will be scratched out and forgotten forever.  But with the help from some unexpected muses, she decides to rebel against the Republic.  

Join Leta’s determined journey to reclaim her place in the history books, from crashing the Colosseum to freeing the enslaved, she will go to the ends of the empire to make her mark.

A feast for the eyes and the ears with physical comedy, clowning and original music, WOMANS will be a raucous and hilarious tale of the first female resistance.

WOMANS has been developed with support from Beaford Arts, Barbican Theatre Plymouth and Arts Council England. 


Double bill tickets: £17.50 

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Double bill tickets £17.50


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