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A Wiltshire Creative Exhibition at Salisbury Arts Centre
9 November - 18 December 2021 Salisbury Arts Centre
Image © Carolyn and Frances Marr


9 November – 18 December 2021


Linescapes ia an exhibition in which contemporary craft practice explores the line of the landscape and the visible changes to the natural environment occurring through human and non-human influence.

The exhibition artists are:
Carolyn Marr
Frances Marr
Alexandra Hoare
Sue Kelly
Nancye Church 

In their art sisters Carolyn and Frances Marr respond to the interplay between the effect of natural forces and human-made scars on the land. They create multi-part installations, incorporating ceramic vessels and sculpture, found objects, and mark-making using gathered materials such as peat and mud.

Alexandra Hoare is a glass artist and will exhibit a series of works titled Glimpses of Marleycombe inspired by the ancient earthworks of the Marleycombe Hill.

Sue Kelly is a multi-material artist who develops work as a personal response to the natural world. Through the use of simple forms and a limited colour palette Sue produces pieces that evoke a sense of place.

Nancye Church is a Cumbria-based jeweller making jewellery from precious and base metals using gemstones and other items. Her work is inspired by the terrestrial and planetary geology as well as man-made structures such as Neolithic standing stones and dry stone walls.


Image © Carolyn and Frances Marr