SHIFT 2021


How will young people respond to the past year? How can we give young people a platform to inspire change? How can we enable the future generation to have a voice? How can we support young people in the community in a post-pandemic Wiltshire? 

SHIFT is an exciting new project created by Wiltshire Creative which is amplifying young voices through the arts. Led by two Associate Artists and our Young Ambassadors, we aim to programme a series of pan-arts events and work to showcase young voices in the community.   

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the way we live our lives and raised serious and pressing questions about our future, and it is young people who will eventually answer these questions. SHIFT will give young people a platform to express how they think we should move forwards and what change we need to see in the community. The SHIFT programme will comprise of a range of projects and events including: 


There are lots of voluntary opportunities for young people to get involved, so if you are aged 14 to 24 years old, or work with young people and would like to help champion their voices.

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Harrison Brodie - SHIFT Associate Artist 
Harrison has been working in the commercial theatre sector for the past few years on large scale touring musicals and in the West End, primarily as a Stage Manager. Most recently, he’s worked on the UK & Ireland tour of Dirty Dancing and in the West End on Curtains The Musical.  

Harrison has been lucky enough to work with some great teams of performers, technicians and creatives in his career so far. He is really interested moving into a producing role in the future and wishes to champion new and upcoming artists.  

Kate Potter - SHIFT Associate Artist
Kate has spent the last couple of years working with Theatre for Life on two different community theatre projects, partnered with the NHS, with the aim to raise awareness of important subject matters, such as Mental Health and Hidden Disabilities. Kate has also recently completed her Young Practitioners training with Chichester Festival Theatre and has continued facilitating youth theatre workshops ever since. Kate has a strong passion for theatre making and performing, especially in creating work that has meaning and provokes change within society. 

Kate Potter and Harrison Brodie said:  “We’re really pleased to be working on this exciting project which will help shift the way Wiltshire Creative programmes and produces work for young people in the community. We hope this will help set a national precedent, leaves a legacy for future work and showcases the best of young artists in the community. We hope to produce work that explores the future of our generation and inspires change. We have an exciting few months ahead and we are looking forward to sharing more with you!” 

Dave Orme (Associate Director of Wiltshire Creative) said:  “SHIFT is a really exciting opportunity for us to push the conversation forward and challenge the work that we currently make and programme – making way for new and emerging voices from a variety of different backgrounds to create and platform work that speaks to the younger voices of our community as they step in to inherit the world as it moves forward.” 




Wiltshire Creative Young Ambassadors and Associate Artists will work towards creating  the SHIFT manifesto pledge from Wiltshire Creative to young people in the local community outlining their vision for the enrichment of young lives in Wiltshire. This will be facilitated by Talawa Theatre Company, the UK’s leading Black British Theatre Company. 

This will become a realisation with our Graphic Designer, James from Volley Design, who will create artwork for the SHIFT Manifesto ready for print and digital use. This key piece of work will be used as a reference point for engaging with young people in the community that Wiltshire Creative serves.



Alternate Perceptions

by Mahlia Amatina  

In this exhibition, artist Mahlia Amatina invites the audience into a multi-sensory experience of colour, line, shape and form through tactile art that explores the creative side of neurodiversity.  

After being diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome in 2015, Mahlia was inspired to share the unique sensory experiences of life on the autistic spectrum through her art. For Mahlia, art heals and transforms, and expands the experience of living. Her mission includes creating communities through the combination of art and advocacy around the globe and presenting art to the widest possible audiences. 

Alternate Perceptions is an exhibition which will be showcasing a collection of Mahlia’s recent works, as well as presenting an art installation created as part of the SHIFT programme in collaboration with Wiltshire Creative’s group of young artists: #80WashingLines – A Wiltshire Takeover. 

As part of SHIFT 2021 programme we are looking for young people aged 14-21 to create new work and exhibit alongside our Mahlia Amatina later in the year.

Click here if you would like to take part in the making of this exhibition with Mahlia Amatina.

No previous visual art experience necessary. 

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SHIFT Development Fund

SHIFT will offer funding of £5000 for an emerging arts or theatre company to develop a new piece of work aimed at young people. Although the piece can be for any demographic from toddlers to teenagers, the piece should respond to the challenges and issues facing young people in contemporary society and should resonate with their experience.  

Along with funding, the selected company will receive in kind support (to be agreed with Wiltshire Creative) in the form of space, technical support, photography, marketing and an industry sharing event to be arranged in conjunction with the successful company/artist. 

The company will be chosen by our Associate Artists and Young Ambassadors supported by the team across the organisation. 

Applications close on 22 March 2021 




Aged 14-25? In a band or are a solo musician? Spoken word or poet? Want a platform to share your work?

We are currently looking for young bands & musicians, spoken word artists and poets to submit work or come and perform at our upcoming events As part of our SHIFT programme, we wish to create a hybrid event of recorded and live work and information about the project.

This event will be produced by Wiltshire Creative and will take place at Salisbury Arts Centre and Salisbury Playhouse. The event will be premiered online with live streamed and recorded content for audiences to enjoy watching and listening from the comfort of their own homes. We hope that SHIFT will be a key moment in broadcasting the success of youth voice and their work.

  • We are looking for youth bands and solo musicians to prepare 2 songs from a decade of your choice. The theme for this section of the event will be ‘Music through the ages.’ We want to have a wide variety of music played and welcome any style or genre. We also welcome original music too!
  • If you are a poet or spoken word artist, we would like you to submit a piece with the theme of ‘Amplifying young voices’ which will also form part of our programme.
  • Part of the events will be pre-recorded at Salisbury Playhouse during April 2021 and will be streamed on multiple different platforms including social media, YouTube as well as promotion from Wiltshire Creative through press outlets.
  • There has also been interest from local radio stations, which will become part of the broadcast during the premiered events.
  • These recordings will also feature at Salisbury Arts Centre during an exhibition of the SHIFT programme.
  • For those able to perform on our stage technical support will be provided, including sound mixing, lighting and recording.
  • We are pleased to be able to offer rehearsal time for these sessions prior to recording where possible.
  • Wiltshire Creative are able to contribute to expenses such as travel and parking.

Pre-recorded audio and or video submissions are also welcome if you are unable to perform in person.
To register your interest, please fill out this form by Friday 2nd April





Wiltshire Creative are partnering with youth arts organisations across the South West to create an exciting piece of artwork that represents youth voice. Each group will create new work in their specialised artform that expresses their beliefs and opinions on the struggles that young people face in today’s world.

The Youth Arts Network will offer an opportunity for youth leaders to come together and share expertise and experiences, in order to enrich the opportunities provided to young people in our region.

If your youth group or organisation would like to be part of the Youth Arts Network, please contact Kate Potter, one of our young associate artists, at




There are several opportunities for young people to get involved, including a visual arts exhibition and performance opportunities.  If you are aged 14 to 24 years old and would like to help champion the voices of young people and share your own thoughts and opinions please get in touch by Click here to register your interest

For more information, please contact Kate Potter (SHIFT Associate Artist) via email at




Logo developed with Volley Design, SHIFT Associate Artists and Young Ambassadors.

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