August at SAC
19 July 2021



Wiltshire Creative today announces a programme of free outdoor summer events, first taking place in July in Tidworth and in August at Salisbury Arts Centre. Featuring theatre, music, dance, sheep hearding and more, Wiltshire Creative is offering a variety of outdoor events for audiences of all ages, with plenty of opportunities for young people to engage with performances from a diverse and exciting range of artists. 

In July, Wiltshire Creative brings two days of family events to Tidworth. Tidworth Encounters on 24 July will feature pop-up performances around Tidworth town centre: The Pram by Fool’s Paradise and Albatross Fly Byby Tall Tree Theatre. This will be followed by Tidworth Family Fiesta on 28 July, which includes a circus skills workshop from Circus Wessex and performances of Sophie and Marie Nüzel’s botanical dance show The Greenhouse.

Throughout weekends in August, Wiltshire Creative continues their summer programme in the beautiful grounds at Salisbury Arts Centre, including theatre, circus, exhibitions, and music. The first of these will be Flock by Swish Boing on Saturday 7 August, a cooperative and interactive show which draws on traditions of playground and street games. This is followed by The Whale – Plastic Ocean by Circo Rum Ba Ba Fool’s Paradise on Saturday 14 August, where weird and wonderful nautical characters embark on a journey to explore our oceans and take audiences with them. Lively dance duo Kapow Dance will then present Grow on Saturday 21 August, a vibrant dance performance which celebrates the power of growth and rejuvenation. The programme concludes with Open Air Music on Saturday 28 August, an afternoon of live music in the grounds of the Arts Centre showcasing local talent.

Louise Dancy, Take Part Director of Wiltshire Creative, said today ‘We are delighted to be building on the success of City Encounters in Salisbury back in May and, particularly pleased to be connecting with our communities in Tidworth with an accessible offer available to everyone.’ 

To take part in all other events, please book in advance at https://www.wiltshirecreative.co.uk/whats-on/. For pop-up events in Tidworth please see timings on the website closer to the day.


Tidworth Encounters
Saturday 24 July
Wiltshire Creative will bring visual spectacles for families to Tidworth with pop-up promenade performances of The Pram and Albatross Fly By


By Fool’s Paradise
Saturday 24 July at 10am, 12noon and 3pm

Attention! Watch out for a one man bandemonium and streets full of laughter as our colourful Edwardian character wheels his curious, bubble-blowing, musical cart through town. Entertaining all with jolly street organ tunes,percussion and a taxi horn!

The Pram is suitable for all ages.

Fool’s Paradise is an international street performance agency founded in 1991. They supply the best UK street theatre and outdoor arts to regional and worldwide audiences. 


By Tall Tree Theatre 
Saturday 24 July at 12.30pm, 2.30pm and 3.30pm

Calling all bird spotters! Keep your eyes peeled because two very rare birds have found themselves inland and they’re keen to have a look around. Stop and say hello or watch them from afar as these magnificent creatures whoosh, soar and swoop above your head, spreading their magic and music as they go. 

Albatross Fly By is suitable for all ages.

Tall Tree Theatre are associate artists at Forest Forge Theatre Company and work closely alongside The Old School Nursery to create quality and engaging shows that are available to tour to theatres, art Centres and rural locations. They create original and heartfelt stories brought to life through playful performance, live music and bold puppetry.


Tidworth Family Fiesta
Wednesday 28 July 

Tidworth Family Fiesta brings the circus to Tidworth, providing families with the chance to hone their circus skills in workshops by Circus Wessex, then experience the magic of plant life with performances of The Greenhouse


From Circus Wessex
Wednesday 28 July at 10:30, 1pm and 3pm

Audiences will get the chance to hone their circus skills in a workshop from aficionados Circus Wessex.

Circus Wessex is a project working with young people to help them explore their potential. Delivering projects that are usually outside of mainstream provision, they help young people to work in both a team environment and as individuals.




By Sophie Nüzel and Marie Nüzel

Wednesday 28 July at 10:30, 1pm and 3pm

A magical dance performance about the senses of plants

The plant world is full of wonders. Did you know that plants have senses just as we do? They can see, hear and feel you!

Come and join Peppina and Pimpernell on the magical journey into the senses of plants. Using dance, spoken word, music and installation two performers introduce young audiences to basic plant biology – exploring some of the wonderful things that plants are capable of doing.

Discover how the apple tree makes sure that all its apples are red at the same time. Find out what secret messenger system the willow tree uses to fight off the caterpillar and join us in exploring what plants need to grow and survive. The Greenhouse is a magical dance performance for young audiences aged 4 and up and their families and you’ll event plant your own plant to take home with you.

The Greenhouse is ideal for ages 4+.

Sophie Nüzel is a choreographer, creative producer and dancer. Her credits as a choreographer include The Little Watersprite (Climate Encounters), The Greenhouse (UK tour), Last Dance (Union Chapel), The Adventures of the Little Ghost (Creative People and Places), The Little Witch (National Theatre/Hackney Children Theatre/The Place), Sea Music (Museum of Poole), Id(ee) (Junge Lyrik in der Stadt). 

Marie Nüzel is a choreographer and performer. Her credits include The Greenhouse (UK tour), Id(ee) (Junge Lyrik in der Stadt). 




In addition to Tidworth Encounters and Tidworth Family Fiesta, Wiltshire Creative will bring an extensive programme of family events to Salisbury Arts Centre throughout August. The newly refurbished café will be open from Tuesday to Saturday between 10am and 3pm, offering a range of hot and cold drinks, baguettes, salads, cakes, cream teas and ice creams. A one-way system, cashless sales and increased cleaning will be in place to ensure a safe environment for all.

To take part in the August events at Salisbury Arts Centre, please book here: https://www.wiltshirecreative.co.uk/whats-on/



By Swish Boing

Saturday 7 August at 11am, 1pm and 3pm 

Sports Day meets Sheep Trials in Swish Boing’s interactive show for high streets, green fields and shopping centres, inspired by the much-loved TV show of the same (ish) name.

Sheep are on the loose! Only the shepherds and their hapless sheepdog Patch can prevent certain chaos.

Your festival site becomes our playing field, your street furniture our obstacle course in this physical, co-operative game for younger children and their families. Flock draws on age old traditions of playground and street games, encouraging people to play together over wide spaces.  

Made for the silly sheep and straight-laced shepherd in all of us, with opportunities to join the lost flock and for young farmhands to take the reins, Flock provides a hilarious chance to play with playing-by-the-rules.

Flock is suitable for all ages.

Swish Boing are a Bristol based theatre company. Known previously as Mufti Games, Swish Boing have been played at festivals, street events and venues including National Theatre, Eden Project, Somerset House, Festival Number 6, Bristol Old Vic and Just So Fesitval. They have created games for Royal Shakespeare Company, Bristol 2015 Green Capital, Univeristy of Bristol and The Barbican Centre. Swish Boing is based at Mivart Studios and are residents at Pervasive Media Studios in Bristol.




By Circo Rum Ba Ba (Fool’s Paradise)

Saturday 14 August at 11am, 1pm and 3pm 

The Whale - Plastic Ocean is a show that takes place in front of a 18 metre sperm whale.    

An eccentric and whacky troupe of nautical characters lead the audience through a journey of oceanic exploration in this engaging and interactive show, which features expansive soundscapes, visual spectacle, and stunning puppetry made by celebrated puppeteer, Jimmy Grimes.

Come and meet Netty Northwest, an eccentric marine biologist who is setting out on a journey of nautical discovery where she comes across more than she bargained for... 

An acrobatic diver then leads the audience through the life and journeys of an ancient leatherback turtle and the threats and dangers it faces to survive. Can the audience come together to save the turtle and the whale? Is anyone too small to make a difference?

Circo Rum Ba Ba is an all-female troupe of performers who bring extraordinary spectacle and performance into unconventional performance settings. They combine an eclectic mix of theatre, circus and music with elaborate costume and design to create images, street shows and off beat walkabout characters that are stunning to encounter and comically interactive. Their shows and walkabouts are steeped in narrative, performed with painstaking detail to characterisation. They aim to raise the self-esteem of our audiences by inspiring through skill and absurd adventure to illuminate human connection and promote a positive image of women. From the subtle cameo to the grand parade, Circo Rum Ba Ba combines the surprising with the impossible, to produce a thrilling phenomenon of spectacle and show. 




By Kapow Dance Circus

By Kapow Dance Circus
Saturday 21 August at 11am and 2pm 

A comment on humanity and a comedic gardening show combined. Grow is a playful and touching celebration of the power of nature to rejuvenate, take over spaces and grow through the cracks.
You  will  see  order  and  chaos, humans transforming into weeds, seeds and beautiful sunflowers.
This show leaves the audience feeling uplifted and inspired to get outside and garden. Whether you are a gardener or not, this production will speak to everyone about our relationship to one another, to nature and of what we need to thrive. 

Kapow Dance Circus is a performance company working in dance, physical theatre and circus. They create bold and imaginative touring productions.


Saturday 28 August 

Wiltshire Creative brings local live musical to Salisbury Arts Centre over August bank holiday weekend, featuring local talent which will be announced soon.